Rostov-on-Don is a flamboyant cosmopolitan metropolis with a vibe of a Southern port city like Odesa or Marseille. A geometrical grid of streets lined with late 19th-century-early 20th-century houses sweeps down towards the mighty Don. There's a certain level of bustle and clutter in its street, but just enough to handle and find it charming. Yet the delusive order of the city's grid system falls apart when you reach one of the major avenues dividing Rostov into several parts. To get away from the crowd, noise and traffic, peek into one of the typical southern courtyards living their own peaceful life with vine-cloaked open galleries, washing lines strung across the yard, children, cats and dogs playing around.

There's a profound sense of the union between the city and the river which is also reflected in the city's name. In fact, Rostov's logistic success is based on its strategic location on the Don River which flows into the Azov Sea, leading into the Black Sea, and is connected to the Caspian Sea via the Volga-Don channel. It is also an important railway junction which connects the South of Russia and the Caucasus with the rest of Russia. 






Railway Museum

Makaronka Art Centre

Eat & Drink

Leo Wine & Kitchen

Onegin Dacha


Hunky Dory & Dudes

Vlasenko Cheese Company

Setter's Brew Bar

Double B




Baba Valya Hostel

Nabokov Loft Hotel

Sholokhov Art Hotel





Get There
By Air:
The new Platov Airport opened in December 2017 29km northeast of Rostov. Major Russian airlines operate daily flights to Rostov-on-Don from Moscow (2h) and St. Petersburg (2h45min). There're also direct flights from Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Simferopol, Samara, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Tyumen, Yerevan, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv, Prague, Rimini, Istanbul and other destinations. The airport can be reached by bus 285 which leaves from the main railway station in Rostov, or by bus 286 which departs from Oktyabrskaya Square. The journey time for both routes is 1h. The buses operate 24hrs leaving every 30min.
By Train:
There're several trains a day departing from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don. Travel time is between 15 and 25hrs. The most convenient option is Tikhiy Don ( train number 19 or 20) premium class train which departs from Moscow daily at 6.40pm and arrives to Rostov-on-Don at midday the following day. Check Russian Railways website for details and tickets. Rostov Railway Station is located in the city centre, next to the bus terminal, a block away from the main Bolshaya Sadovaya St.
Get Around

The city is well-connected by bus, trolleybus and tram. Major sights, restaurants and hotels are located on the right bank of the Don River around Bolshaya Sadovaya St. and Pushkinskaya St.