The centre of the rich Black Earth region in the south of Russia, Voronezh is a fast-growing metropolis with busy cultural life. Built as a stronghold which was meant to defend Russian lands from the incursions of Crimean Tartars, Voronezh gained importance in the beginning of the 18th century, when Peter the Great decided to build the first Russian navy shipyard here. Like Volgograd and Sevastopol, Voronezh was almost entirely destroyed during World War II, and rebuilt in a lavish Soviet neoclassical style. Today's Voronezh is a bustling city with large student population and lots of hip cafés, bars, theatres and art galleries to keep you busy for a few days. The biggest and most exciting event in the city is the International Platonov Arts Festival which is held annually in the first two weeks of June.






Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts

Goto Predestination

Museum of Forgotten Music

Eat & Drink

DJA+GO Wine & Kitchen

Ptichka Coffee

Olen Dumpling Bar

Just. Bar & Kitchen

The Covok

Meat Cult

Garmoshka Café

Sugar Bakeshop

The Optimist Bar

Frank de Boo

Mon Baton


The Bronze Boar

Geek Hostel & Hotel


Central Market


Chamber Theatre

Scarlet Sails Park

Mr. Moore Cat Café

Dinamo Park


Beaver Nursery

Ramon Palace

Get There
By Train:
There're several options including day double-decker trains and overnight sleeper trains from Moscow. The journey takes between 6h20min and 11h depending on the train. The new double-decker trains depart twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. There're several southbound night trains calling at Voronezh. Note that there're three railway stations in Voronezh, Voronezh-1 being the most central where day trains and premium service night trains arrive and depart.
Get Around

The centre of Voronezh is located on the right bank of River Voronezh, along Prospect Revolyutsii and Kirova St. The majority of museums, theatres, restaurants and cafés are located in that area, and can be reached by foot. If you decide to go to Alye Parusa Park, Dinamo Park or elsewhere, it'd be best to catch a bus from Lenina Sq or call a cab via Uber or Yandex Taxi app.